Thursday, February 10, 2011


Something doesn't add up.

Step one of an effective following (which I'll need to rule) is defamataion of current power holding groups.
In that spirit, I present to you the case of the faked moon landing. 
First of all, I was there, I helped fund the cameras, but that's not too interesting - I've been alot of places and done alot of things.

Perhaps the only true way to attack this subject is with logical analysis.

Let's examine two obvious issues, one only interesting, the other compelling.

The first is an arguement based on Timeline.
Simply put, in 1969, the general technological situation of humanity can be summed in three points based on popular belief:
  • We, as Americans, in '69, did not yet have cellular phones and there was no internet.
  • We, as humans, had not yet figured out we could put wheels on our luggage.
  • We landed several humans on the moon and beamed information back here from the moon.
The question becomes not "Was the landing faked?" but "Which of these seemingly simultaneous states of humanity does not match the others. 
Not a strong arguement factually, but nice conceptually.

The Second argument against the moon landing is based solely on mathematics, my own calculations carried out the day the footage was made. As I have said before, I was there, and I saw the one problem with the falacy. I kept quiet simply to hold a trump card over my employers at the time. They are, of course, long dead now though.

When we examine the official footage, an anomaly is detected. 

Download your own copy from nasa if you want. It makes no difference.

The hammer takes 1.1 seconds to hit the ground.
The Moon's gravitational acceleration is, as per NASA, 1.622 m/s^2
From the video, it is apparent based on the official public records of the astonauts suit dimensions that the hammer is dropped from 1.5 meters. 
Based on basic physics, look it up if you don't believe me, the freefall time for any object is equal to the square root of ((twice the height)/(gravitational acceleration))


t = sqrt(2h/g)

Based on the readings published by NASA, the hammer should be in free fall for 1.36 seconds.
It is not.
The video could not have been filmed on the moon.
Whoever devised the method for the 'Slow Drop,' as it was called on set, ignored the basic mathematics. It was their one great mistake in the process and we will hold it to them.
Go, prove me wrong, find the info and do the calculation yourself. 

This post, however, is not about the moon landing, after all, its purpose is defamation of rulers. 

I submit to you this fallacy of Modern history as just another example of how much you, as a population, are shiftable and tradeable and expendable like never before. There is, I have examined, a cycle in cultures which naturally polarizes the classes, separating them on a relationship of wealth vs. inverse size. Translation: less rich people per tons more poor workers. 

The only way you as a population can retain power, and it may very well be too late in your cycle to do so, is to recognize the distractions for what they are. Do not be amazed easily. Do not be optimistic about your rulers actions. Forever question. May your head be full of salt at all times.

So do you believe? Do you assume truth in an event based on contrary logical evidence as delivered above? If so, then you are already gone. Continue living your happy life, the kind of life some of us must give up in the face of reality.

Cpt.Bloggenstein out

Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Well here we are
Another day another scheme"
       - Socrates, 1120-3950

And what are you doing here? Reading this? Blogs are a novelty that cause much waste of time. If My therapist weren't making me do this - i would never have touched the things myself. This post is already too long. I implore you to leave, please.

You heard me, stop reading, your not welcome here!

You other people, with your noises and wants a dreams and wishes, you make me sick, all 6'999'999'999 of you! 

But! - (and this is a big but) - as far as nature and science and DNA and the universe are concerned - i'm infinitesimally different than every last one of you. So, i guess, by default and nothing else, i'm kin with all of you. 

Don't get too excited.

So, the first blog post. The shot heard round the net. This marks the takeover of the internet - years from now, decades, hundreds of generations from now, children will be told the story, by their joyously weeping mothers, of Captain Bloggenstein IV's Imperial first Blog Post.

Stay tuned allies - keep your guns close, your smartphones closer.

Cpt.Bloggenstein out