Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Well here we are
Another day another scheme"
       - Socrates, 1120-3950

And what are you doing here? Reading this? Blogs are a novelty that cause much waste of time. If My therapist weren't making me do this - i would never have touched the things myself. This post is already too long. I implore you to leave, please.

You heard me, stop reading, your not welcome here!

You other people, with your noises and wants a dreams and wishes, you make me sick, all 6'999'999'999 of you! 

But! - (and this is a big but) - as far as nature and science and DNA and the universe are concerned - i'm infinitesimally different than every last one of you. So, i guess, by default and nothing else, i'm kin with all of you. 

Don't get too excited.

So, the first blog post. The shot heard round the net. This marks the takeover of the internet - years from now, decades, hundreds of generations from now, children will be told the story, by their joyously weeping mothers, of Captain Bloggenstein IV's Imperial first Blog Post.

Stay tuned allies - keep your guns close, your smartphones closer.

Cpt.Bloggenstein out


  1. good luck with the therapy hope it works out.

  2. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. Haha nice, can't wait to see more post from you.

  4. You leave my dreams and wishes out of this!


  5. Creative post, well worded, are you a writer?

    Will look out for more

  6. hahaha this is great, definately some good material coming from you. Very excited to read more.

  7. definately gonna check back in on this one

  8. More posts please! Good stuff. Following.

  9. This has potential. Try to not kill too many of your followers.